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Develop yourself

Visiting the LAM museum, whether physically or digitally, is a personal journey of discovery. Do you have a burning question about life, or would you like to look at your essay or project topic from a completely different angle? Come visit us! You’re guaranteed to leave with a fresh nugget of insight, an answer or at the very least a new question.


By using different LAM tools, you’ll discover there are infinite ways of looking at art and at everyday things beyond the walls of our museum and even at yourself. Who, me? Yes, you!
By using your imagination and talking to us or to each other or by regarding a work of art as a conversation partner, you’ll find out more about what you see and especially about the way you see it. It’s like you keep looking at your reflection in a different mirror.

For teachers and coaches

Are you a teacher? We have a tailor-made programme for primary school pupils (group 4 and over). We invite other pupils and students to approach us with their most complex questions in the museum or by using our Viewphone.
Are you a coach who would like to bring someone to the museum for a personal coaching session? That’s certainly possible. Discuss your plans with us and we’ll help with the arrangements.

Are you curious to find out more or would you like to brainstorm with us? Email Dorien at

How does a visit to the LAM work?

The LAM is for all curious people, particularly children (aged around seven and above) and their families. The best way to experience the LAM is on a short, sweet visit. We believe that it’s much more fun to take a really good look at a few works of art than to have a quick glance at everything.


On arrival, we’ll invite you to join our Wi-Fi network. You will go on a personal tour using your mobile phone, taking in five different artworks. That sounds more passive than it is, but the visit will be entirely in your own hands. We shall spark your interest with facts, viewing tips, background information and videos, helping you to discover new things and really enjoy the experience.

Fresh air

Following your visit to the museum, you can look around the beautiful Keukenhof Estate, have a bite to eat at one of the cafes or restaurants and visit the children’s farm. Enjoy!


Don’t forget to book your ticket with start time in advance.


When is the museum open?

We’re open on Wednesday (13 – 17), Friday (13 – 17), Saturday (11 – 17) and Sunday (11 – 17). See the schedule under Online Tickets for ticket availability.

How can I purchase tickets?

Sponsored visits to the LAM are available. Although sponsored entry is free, you will still need a ticket. Places are limited. You can choose a date and time via our website.

Can I buy tickets in advance?

Of course. In fact, that’s the only way to purchase tickets. Places are limited, so be sure to reserve your date and time in advance. Sponsored visits to the LAM are available.

Can I visit with a group?

The LAM is perfect for experiencing together with family members or friends. However, larger group visits are not possible due to the museum’s limited capacity.

At the LAM, visitors are given the opportunity to look at art differently and in greater detail. For example, we offer an extensive digital tour and proactive staff are always available to help. Our staff can provide viewing tips or tell you more about the artworks, the building and the concept behind the LAM. Being part of an organised tour or a large group would therefore not provide extra depth to your visit or make the experience any more unique.

Are there discounted rates for children and students?

The museum is open to everyone. Sponsored tickets are available. Always be sure to book your ticket online in advance. A standard ticket costs €7.50 and a child’s ticket is €5. Student discounts are unavailable.

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The museum is accessible to visitors who use wheelchairs or walking frames. A lift is available. Certain areas of the surrounding estate are more difficult for wheelchair and walking frame users to navigate.


Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the museum. On arrival, we’ll immediately invite you to join our Wi-Fi network. You will then gain access to a personal tour via your smartphone, which will help you explore the exhibits.


  • The Stationsweg curves slightly: the Keukenhof Estate’s coloured flags displaying ‘Welkom’ will soon come into view. The flags mark the entrance to the Keukenhof Estate and the LAM car park.
  • You can enter the estate through the gate in the wooden fence (to the rear, left) and follow the path to the LAM.

Parking is free. The car park may be full during special events. You can then park in the flower show car park (this is often paid parking).


The LAM has a public cloakroom and lockers are available.

By car

From the A4

From the A4, take the Nieuw Vennep/Hillegom/Lisse exit.

Follow the N207 in the same direction.

At the end of the N207, turn left towards Lisse (N208).

At the second roundabout, turn right towards Langevelderslag (Stationsweg).

Drive approximately 500 metres and you will see the Keukenhof Estate car park to your left.


From the A44

From the A44, take exit 3 for Noordwijkerhout/Lisse.

Follow the N208 toward Lisse for 5.5 km.

Take the third exit on the roundabout, towards Langevelderslag (Stationsweg).

Drive approximately 500 metres and you will see the Keukenhof Estate car park to your left.


From the N206

From the N206, take the Lisse exit.

Follow the directions for Lisse.

Drive approximately 2.7 km and you will see the Keukenhof Estate car park to your right.


By public transport

The museum is somewhat more difficult to reach by public transport. If you intend to come by public transport, please check or It is a 15-minute walk to the LAM from the Keukenhofdreef bus stop.

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