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The LAM is an initiative of the VandenBroek Foundation, which works to make art accessible to a wide audience.

Paintings, sculptures, photographs, installations, videos and digital artworks from different centuries and various movements are presented in fresh and thought-provoking ways. Each work is in some way related to food or consumption. You don’t need any prior knowledge of art: it’s all about your personal experience. The LAM will be a great outing for children and their (grand)parents or carers.


Working for LAM? We regularly have vacancies, keep an eye on our website and socials for the most recent vacancy announcements.

The building

The LAM is housed in a modern building designed to fit in with the character of the Keukenhof Estate. Look closely and you’ll see various tree features reflected in the architecture. The LAM’s modern appearance is in striking contrast to the historic Keukenhof Castle. The museum was designed by Arie Korbee of KVDK Architecten. Construction commenced in 2015 and the museum has opened in autumn 2018. The public path that runs straight through the museum is a unique feature. It allows visitors to experience art whenever they like, without actually entering the building.

From Keukenhof to Keukenduin

The name ‘Keukenhof’, meaning ‘Kitchen Court’, is derived from ‘Keukenduin’ (‘Kitchen Dune’). It formed part of the estates on which Jacqueline, Countess of Hainaut (also known as Jacoba van Beieren), lived. Everything caught or harvested in Keukenduin was intended for her kitchen: wood, berries and game. When a great house (‘hof’) was built later in the 17th century, the name changed from Keukenduin to Keukenhof.

In keeping with the location, the LAM’s collection is related to all aspects of food and consuming.

About us

The LAM is an initiative of the VandenBroek Foundation, which strives to make art accessible to a wide audience. The VandenBroek Foundation was established by Jan van den Broek in 2008 and works to stimulate young cultural talent. The foundation serves both artists and young viewers and listeners.

The VandenBroek Foundation supports a range of projects, including the Royal Concertgebouw’s Young Talent Award, De Ateliers and the educational programme of the Rijksmuseum’s Teekenschool. Through the Dutch Musical Instruments Foundation, the VandenBroek Foundation has been able to loan an exceptional violin, a Guadagnini dating from 1764, to a talented violinist. In addition to supporting talent, the VandenBroek Foundation collects visual art for the LAM.

The foundation aims to build up an inspiring collection of artworks. In this respect, it is not only the art-historical context that’s important but also the way the work is presented and the experience of the young viewer.


The VandenBroek Foundation is registered with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO). This means that both the foundation and the museum are exempt from paying inheritance tax and gift tax; every euro of your contribution is used entirely for the museum’s benefit. In addition, donating to institutions with PBO status carries certain tax advantages.


Name of the foundation: VandenBroek Foundation
Postal address: Postbus 224, 2170 AE Sassenheim
RSIN number: 819315631
KvK number: 27317264
Bank account number NL07RABO0146182227

Visiting Address

Keukenhof 14
2161 AN Lisse

Postal Address

Postbus 224
2170 AE Sassenheim

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