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Take out your magical bow and arrow. With First Dates at the LAM, you call the shots, while our team lays the groundwork. We dive into the depot, dig around, contemplate and match. Yes, these two cuties might just be a big hit.

You then decide which duo can go on a date — which couple will be displaying their affection in the museum window.

Is it love at first sight, are the sparks flying or is it a complete mismatch full of painful silences? The match can be ever so strong on paper, but attraction is non-negotiable. We give the duo one week. You let us know whether the couple can stay or if it is time for two other love birds.

Duo 1: Sticky Business

With her milky white skin, voluptuous curves and sugary sweet character, she is very hard to resist. She is attractive but also elusive. She is present yet can slip away at any moment.

We have matched this sensuous beauty with a delicious rebel. Chewed out and attractive; that’s what she is. Colorful, but the taste is gone. Watch out: you’ll be stuck before you know it. A dangerous, sugar-sweet match.
Will they stick?

This duo is made possible by artists Janice McNab and Kira Fröse.

Duo 2: Strawberry Fields Forever

A perfect pair at first glance. But is she open to love? She is elegance embodied. Groomed down to the last detail. Her perfection shines at you.

He is the bon vivant and the romantic. The man who feeds you strawberries with hot chocolate.
Can he melt her heart?

This duo is made possible by artists Regula Maria Müller and Heinz Martin Breuer.

Duo 3: Dorstlesser (Thirst quencer)

Uncork the bottle and toast to life. This couple let the drink flow freely.


Fresh and sparkling, they celebrate life.

Will their cheerful friendship grow into love?

This duo is made possible by artists Luca Grimaldi and Stephen Wilks.

Duo 4: Wild West

Brace yourself. These two do not sugar coat things, they stand their ground.


Good heavens, the food is already flying across the table. It is clear: mix these two bundles of passion together and you get fireworks.
But are they sparks of love? You decide.

This duo is made possible by artists Jake & Dinos Chapman and Beni Bischof.

Duo 5: Stille Wateren (Silent Waters)

Silent waters run deep, which is certainly the case with this duo. One is a stunning beauty. You can take shelter with him; you want to stay with him.

And the other? He is serenity itself. But is he open to love?
Will they take off together or is it a one-off encounter?

This duo is made possible by artists Gé-Karel van der Sterren and Pawel Ferus.

Duo 6: Niets is wat het lijkt (Nothing is as it seems)

Give these two a bit more time. They will surprise you, mark my words.


The longer you look, the more entangled and crazier it gets. Who do I have here?

Are they brave enough to go for it, to unravel each other?

This duo is made possible by artists Nick van Woert and Alejandro Almanza Pereda.

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