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Beschrijving: Visitors in LAM
Fotograaf: LAM

Our 2019: you

What did 2019 bring you? The end of the year is invariably a time to take stock and ask ourselves the big questions.

We are counting our blessings. And you are a very big one.



Without an audience, a museum is not a museum and art isn’t art. That’s always the case anywhere. But at the LAM, we want to emphasise this. It’s why our logo is increasingly paired with the brand promise ‘your museum’. We offer you and your fellow visitors lots of time and attention and the focus is on your associations and discoveries. We also involve you in the happenings behind the scenes and ask you to share your tips for items we could display on loan.

Without your involvement, whether in the museum, on social media, via the newsletter or as a peer competitor, 2019 would not have been so special.

In your honour, here are a few of our favourite quotes from visitors.


The price-quality ratio here is completely off. You get so much more than expected.

A comment that we recently received by email. Although the first part gave us a bit of a fright, we read more and were very pleased.


Visiting the museum felt like a genuine luxury. There was a very relaxed atmosphere and we felt not only welcome but free to see, ask and do anything.

Marjolein, visited the museum with her family and wrote a blog post on Kunstfanaatjes


We enjoyed it immensely. Really different, an extraordinary museum visit. My son Zeger (aged 10) thought that it was probably the coolest museum he had ever been to.

Laurien visited the museum with her sons and their grandparents.


I recently visited the LAM for the first time. I felt very enthusiastic and inspired by how the museum is organised. It’s just as much about the welcoming atmosphere and the inclusiveness as the art you view. And it’s all very inviting. Having the opportunity to look at things with a completely open mind, see with fresh eyes, have conversations, experience art openly and appreciate its association with the natural world around the museum: all of these things have stayed with us. I was with my sister, who doesn’t often visit museums, and we really had a great time together.

Carine from the Museum Catharijneconvent.


What a fantastic collection, location and experience: this is seriously the first ever museum that our children were still talking about even at bedtime!! And what a committed team of staff who guided and spoke with us today with such passion and dedication!

Anna and her sons Aktham and Seif.


An un-Dutch warm and friendly welcome. Perfect guides.

Hans left this great comment on Google.


Last Wednesday, we visited your museum in Lisse. We are precisely your target market: grandpa, grandma and three grandchildren aged from four (sorry, four and a half) to seven.

I want to let you know that we enjoyed ourselves. It was our grandchildren’s first introduction to a real museum and genuine art. They could hardly keep their hands off it. At the same time, they were also captivated by and interested in what they saw, with the highlight of course being the last supper, including the mouse and the broken plate.

It was obviously very nice for us as well, especially when the initial response to our announcement that we were going to visit a museum was, “Boooooring!”

We’re not the type to write letters to all and sundry, but we thought it was only right to let you know about our experience.

Paul, who visited the museum with his wife and three grandchildren.


***** Truly a stunning museum of modern art, where you choose the level of explanation you prefer, from “be surprised and discover it for yourself” to “explain it all to me” and everything in between. There’s an unbelievable amount to discover. Go!

Martien gave us five stars on Google.

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