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Beschrijving: A new service of the LAM museum: the Viewphone
Fotograaf: LAM

The Viewphone – LAM museum brings relief during self-isolation with telephone service

The LAM is launching the Viewphone. Anyone in need of a stimulating conversation about art can sign up by email. All employees – from curator and cleaner to bookkeeper and director – are available to callers every Friday afternoon during the home quarantine period.



Museum director Sietske van Zanten says, “When we were open, we regularly heard people say that they had never talked so much in a museum. And that’s right. We like to talk a lot here. But it’s not really about talking; it’s about sharing. Together, we see more. And through art, we can have the most beautiful conversations.” The museum wants to continue these discussions via the Viewphone. “Today, given the situation, personal contact and imagination can be welcome distractions,” adds Van Zanten.


Home Museum

The Viewphone is part of the Home Museum that the LAM started immediately after it closed its doors. Via @thuismuseum on Instagram and a special newsletter, the museum treats followers to a daily art snack – a mini-assignment that invites people to look at their own environment through different eyes.


Seeing by listening

Each conversation is inspired by a work of art. However, conversations do not have to be just about art. “Although we start with art, there is of course scope for making personal associations – precisely the type of thing that usually happens at the LAM,” says Van Zanten.


This is how it works

People can sign up every Friday until 2.00 pm by sending an email to Those selected will receive a message informing them when they can expect the call. The conversations last for five to 10 minutes.


LAM Museum and Home Museum

The LAM is a brand new art museum on Keukenhof Estate in Lisse. With a food-related collection and innovative visitor guidance, the museum encourages visitors of all ages to view the world through different eyes. While closed, the LAM will share a free art snack every day in a special newsletter and via @thuismuseum on Instagram.
The museum is privately funded by the VandenBroek Foundation. In addition to the LAM, the foundation supports various other initiatives, including the Royal Concertgebouw’s Young Talent Award, De Ateliers, the educational programme of the Rijksmuseum’s Teekenschool, the Dutch Musical Instruments Foundation and the new talent of This Art Fair.

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