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The Viewphone (sold out)

Thanks for visiting our Viewphone page! At the moment, all calls are sold out. Would you like to receive a message when a spot becomes available? Please let us know:

Do you want to give someone a good dose of imagination and a special conversation in which everything is possible? Then book this one-on-one meeting with us. You can also treat to yourself. The Viewphone is fun and inspiring, it is for everyone between 7 and 107 years old.

Note: There are a limited number of tickets available every Wednesday during the lockdown, do not wait too long to book!

For an English conversation, book your ticket here

For a Dutch conversation, book your ticket here

Do you need more information?

This Artnet article gives you a perefct idea of what the Viewphone can do for you. You can also check the FAQ’s below.  


De Kijktelefoon van het LAM museum

I want to know more about The Viewphone

1. What is The Viewphone?

An old fashioned phone conversation. We’ll call, chat and vividly describe an artwork especially for you. A mini story and a huge boost for your imagination.

2. Is The Viewphone for me?

Does a spontaneous conversation at the bus stop or a café make you smile? Are you between 7 and 107 years old? Then you’ll really enjoy The Viewphone.

3. How can I give imagination as a present?

The Viewphone is a perfect gift, unlike any other gift. When you book a call, you enter the telephone number of the person to be called. Mail or print the ticket; and give it as a present. The ticket states the date and time of the conversation.

4. How long does a conversation take?

The Viewphone is slightly different for each colleague and each caller. It is a tailor-made conversation, every Viewphone conversation is unique. A conversation will take aproxemately 15 minutes. The aftereffect takes much longer, double the profit!

5. Why?

We started The Viewphone as a temporary replacement for the physical museum during the first lockdown. It turned out to be a bull’s eye. Callers feel energized after the conversation and look at their own environment with new eyes. After Artnet wrote a rave review, we received applications from France, Egypt, the United States, Pakistan and Italy. The reactions were so positive that we wanted to keep the telephone service. The Viewphone is now available for a short period once or twice a year.

6. What does it cost?

It costs more, but you pay 7.50 euros for a one-on-one conversation with a colleague from the LAM. Since everyone deserves this imagination boost, there are also sponsored cards. With those tickets you pay nothing.

7. How can I book my conversation?

Book your ticket for an English conversation here, if you want a Dutch conversation, click here

8. When?

During the lockdown The Viewphone will be back on Wednesdays. There’s a limited amount of tickets, so don’t wait too long. If the dates in the shop aren’t clickable anymore, The Viewphone is sold out. Please keep an eye on this website. 

9. This is what you predecessors have said about The Viewphone

“Super welcome distraction. When I went on with my activity I felt refreshed.” (Lydia)

“Illuminating chat” (Kate)

“It was a wonderfully inspiring conversation, very special!” (Inez)

“It was a thoughtful and provocative conversation, and exactly what I needed. I am so grateful.” (Jason)

“Can I participate again next week? I’m not done talking yet.” (Karlijn)

“The Viewphone was a precious experience that left me smiling… still! The authenticity was touching and the whole experience was even better than I expected.” (Jordan)

“It was a funny conversation that got even stuck in my head. The house suddenly looked very different.” (Rixt, 7 years old)

“I thoroughly enjoyed my Viewphone call. I hope to visit your museum someday.” (Patty)

Talk to you soon!




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