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Beschrijving: Ontmoet Dalila Cataldi
Fotograaf: Dalila

Nieuw gezicht – ontmoet Dalila

De Italiaanse Dalila versterkt sinds kort het LAM communicatieteam als stagiair. Ze stelt zich graag aan je voor, in het Engels want het Nederlands heeft ze nog niet onder de knie. Nog niet: want met talen heeft ze wel iets, lees maar. 

The beginning of a new chapter

This year, 2020, started in the best way I could possibly imagine. I was in Japan for a study exchange and I spent New Year’s Eve with my brother in Tokyo. Going to Japan has been my elder brother’s and my biggest dream since when we have memories, and him being there with me just felt unbelievable.

My journey in Japan has taught me so much both about the beautiful Japanese culture and language, as well as about myself. I love art and travelling: the first thing I do for each of my trips is to find the museum I am most interested in and visit it, so as to get acquainted with the artistic masterpieces of a specific country or city. And, since I spent six months in Japan, I definitely had the time to visit as many museums as I could. Nonetheless, the first museum I visited is the one that left me the most speechless. It was an open-air museum, meaning that there were several sculptures blended in the landscape and the astonishing nature of the city of Hakone and it felt like I knew that was
something I needed to explore further.

From Japan with love

Even though my mom is a fantastic painter and inspiration for me, having grown up in a small city in the south of Italy I felt like art was nothing I could work with in my life if I wanted to make a living independently. Indeed, I thought that the only way for me to pursue my desire to travel was through languages and that is what brought me to The Netherlands and what I kept believing until that moment.

That museum in Japan was a call for me. I realized how much art and nature are, and should be, interconnected. Therefore, I decided to write my bachelor thesis on the potential art has in increasing awareness on (not only) environmental issues by means of empathy and emotions, rather than reasoning and logic. Thereafter, my thesis supervisor got so excited about my topic and determination that she insisted for me to pursue this path.

Here I am

Now, here I am. Four months after having written my thesis I am pursuing my academic career by studying a Master in Museums and Collections and working at LAM Museum as Online Communication Intern. I cannot tell how much this means to me and how grateful I am for this opportunity. My life has always been embedded with, surrounded and strengthened by art in so many ways. Yet, that is something that cannot be written in a CV. I have received so many rejections from several museums around The Netherlands just because my bachelor had nothing to do with art. Nonetheless, being LAM a brand new museum whose aim is to involve those who are not as familiar with art as art scholars and students might be, they asked me for an interview where I had the chance to tell my story.

Warm welcome

Art comes from the people and it’s for the people. I am so enchanted by the alternative approach this museum adopts in order to make art more accessible to everyone. It has such a huge potential and I feel continuously inspired and motivated to pursue this new chapter of my life thanks to the amazing opportunity I have been given here.

The staff is the kindest and most welcoming I have ever met and I could not be happier to be part of this team. And it goes without saying that the location of this museum, the Keukenhof Estate, makes this whole experience far more relevant for me and my future.


This 2020 has not been the easiest year, yet here I am, closer to art than I had ever been, surrounded by beautiful people and with a breath-taking view over the park from my desk. Believing in your dreams is the most time and energy consuming act you could do, but I swear that at this point there is nothing I can do better.



I am currently learning Dutch and I would love to start practicing with everyone in the museum as soon as possible!

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