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Beschrijving: Een stage in het LAM - Dalila vertelt
Fotograaf: Inez

Een stage in het LAM – Dalila vertelt

De stage voor de Italiaanse Dalila zit erop. Wat ze ervan vond? Lees maar. 

Sun Kissed

Four months ago I started my internship at LAM. I remember arriving in the office and being asked to have the interview outside, while walking in the surrounding park, accompanied hand-in-hand by a rare and beautiful sun shining. During my last day at LAM, the sun came once more to visit the Keukenhof Estate.

Being born and raised in the south of Italy, I have a special connection with the sun. In every particularly important occasion of my life I was kissed by the sun and I have always had the impression that, enhanced by my constant search for positivity, the sun follows me.

Just like a real family

Throughout these four months, LAM has been my sun. A lot of things have changed: the Netherlands went through several lockdown phases, the museum closed more than once, economical difficulties greatly discouraged me and spending Christmas away from my family did not help either.

But LAM was always there. Just like a real family, the LAM team, and, specifically, Ms. Froukje Budding, have been of immense help and comfort. They brought me back to reality and they constantly reminded me the reason why I am so affectionate to art and why I do believe in its power and potential.

Beside the incredibly supportive and caring team that I had the pleasure to work with, LAM also gave me the opportunity to meet people online and feel incredibly inspired by how museums were tackling this new and increasingly difficult challenge of moving exhibitions online.

They will never teach you this in Art School

Last but not least, the LAM approach changed the way I look at art and exhibitions and I will always praise it as the most intriguing and full of potential approach that I had ever seen adopted by a museum – focusing on the viewer, rather than the artist, is something they will never teach you in an Art school!

See you soon

My last day at LAM I walked around the empty museum, with that vibrant sunlight penetrating the building and reviving the artworks. I thought about what I wanted to do when I started in October and what I had achieved so far. There was much more on my list that was crossed out due to the physical constraints of the lockdown – nonetheless, I leave proud, content and incredibly optimistic towards a future that will open more doors to me similar to my LAM experience.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

See you as soon as the museum opens again, next time as a visitor, rather than intern.



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